Saturday 26 October 2013

Wolfers family day-trip... uh-oh!

You would think from our recent "adventures" to Mont St Michel and Sham Shui Po, that maybe Lachlan and I would learn our lesson and stop doing stupid day trips which inevitably end in disaster.

Apparently not.

Today, after being motivated by my little spat regarding "Henry and I flying all the way out here to see you, and then you relying on me to arrange our itinerary", Lachlan booked a family tour for us to visit the Cu Chi tunnels.

I've got to say that I was against this trip, thinking it would be a long day out, crawling through muddy tunnels with hours spent in a car.

However, on this occasion at least, I have to admit that I was wrong. (Hey, it happens, occasionally.)

Henry slept in the car on the way to the tunnels, and our guide, Mr Hung was great with him, playing songs on his harmonica.

Mr Hung gave us a great and toddler friendly tour. And Henry was really well behaved. Even now, I cannot believe it!

Even during the hour-and-a-half car trip back, Henry chattered away and barely complained.

Is this the calm before a storm calming? Call me cynical, but I'm not holding my breath that this is going to last! Still, I'm not complaining!

Mr Hung is hiding.... we could hear him as he played his harmonica. Henry got very confused because he couldn't work out where he was. Can you spot Mr Hung?
There is Mr Hung! We found him. What an awesome guy.
It was Mr Hung's idea to sit Henry on the tank. 
Grinding down rice to make rice paper

Drinking tea and eating tapioca - apparently this was VC (Vietcong) food. It was pretty tasty, dipped in salt!
In the tunnels
We stopped for BBQ rolls for lunch on the way home. Thank goodness they were sold out. It didn't look particularly appetising!

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