Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How to meet guys

Pre-kids, so many of my friends used to complain that they couldn't meet decent guys. (Now my friends seem to just want to find a way to tolerate the guys that they have... only kidding.)

Well, in case you are wondering how to meet guys, I have the answer.

Join a cycling group or triathlon club, or failing that, a running club. 

There are several reasons;
  • The guys always outnumber the girls - so you get the pick of the lot;
  • They tend to be fit and healthy, and so very often cut;
  • These sports tend stereotypically to attract Type A / high-achieving personality types - this means that rather than being on welfare and sponging off you, they often have well-paying jobs, and especially in cycling, have a tendency to want to show-off their wealth (why do you think they get into cycling to start with - it's to show who has the biggest... account - as reflected by their expensive bicycles.) This is a score for you as you can expect fancy dinners, nice bars and lavish gifts. (Of course ladies, we are not attracted by the bank-balance, but rather the ambition that goes with it);
  • The tend to wear lycra, so you can "try before you buy". 
It's all quite simple really. 

I'm not going to recommend particular clubs or organizations, as that would be inappropriate. Besides - it's like having a handbag - what works for one won't work for another. 

Good luck, and get out there!

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