Sunday, 13 October 2013

A laugh to finish your weekend

In France, my good friend Kate's mum and dad gave us a selection of kids books for both Henry and also their grandson.

In amongst them was this little gem...

While I love this book because it is so very retro and kitsch, but also because there are so many pictures of William acting up.

No regard is had to the fact that he a Prince and should be made to behave in a "Princely" manner, but instead he is shown in his full two-year old glory.

Could the photographer really not get him to look at the camera for this one family portrait?

It's so 1980s; the caption on this page reads, " Some fathers leave the children to Mum. Not so Prince Charles - whenever he can, he likes to help." I mean, what a man! Here Charles is carrying the baby down the stairs off a plane! Wow!
The next two pages - the title page, and the last page are really bizarre. There is a bird cage in both. I'm not sure it's connection to the Royal Family, but William seems happy about it.
I love how William is trying to run away with the bird cage. Di is having a laugh at this. That little trickster!
And the Queen is having a laugh to herself too. Though it's unclear as to what it's about. She is looking at Charles. 

Again with the birdcage? I do not get it. 

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