Saturday, 5 October 2013

Little boy heaven

Berlin is an excellent city for travelling with kids.

Apart from the many beautiful playgrounds, Tiergarten Park, and of course Legoland, there are a ton of museums that are great. There are dedicated kids museums, railway museums and even a chocolate world.

And so, while I really wanted to visit the Bauhaus Archive, what Henry and I did instead was to hit up two museums where he could go crazy.

First was the DDR museum.

This was quite interesting for me, and I was able to learn a bit about life in the DDR while Henry was opening and closing draws, pressing buttons, and talking on the phone to Lenin.

Chatting to Lenin 

Henry could have been a worker in the DDR

But the highlight of the day was definitely the Berlin Technickmuseum. Even being an adult person who is not obsessed with trains, planes and cars, this was pretty impressive.
I was worried we weren't going to get pass the entrance; too many buttons to press

They had the actual drivers carriage from maybe 50 different trains from the year 1816, right up until, and including a Maglev. You could have a go at pulling the levers and steering a steam train.
Though it was more than a little eerie being able to climb inside a carriage that had been used to transport Jewish people to camps; without knowing why, Henry told me that carriage was scary.

Checking out the drivers carriage


Yet more trains! You can walk on the tracks.

There was also a massive hanger full of planes. Including war planes, light planes - all types. It was truly impressive.


Spinning the wheel of a plane; obviously. 

I also really enjoyed the photography exhibition which had some really interesting technological design things on display.

And there were tons of other stuff that we didn't get to; a brewery, jewellery making displays, a naval exhibition.

It was by far one of the best and most interesting museums I've ever been to. And if you should happen to go to Berlin with a toddler whose favourite thing in the world is vehicles, it's an absolute must.

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