Thursday 31 October 2013

Embarrasing running stories

It's pretty obvious that I am passionate about running, and it's something I love to share. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing better than when someone takes up running for the first tine. Or when they achieve their dream of running a 5km race, a 1/2 marathon, marathon, or they train to break a goal time.

I don't care how fast you are, so long as you lace up your running shoes and give it a go.

However, despite running being a really great way to spend your time, there are things about it that are cause for embarrassment. If you are new to running perhaps you should stop reading now.
If someone is encouraging you to start running, there are some things that they will not share with you before you buy your first pair of asics.
To this extent, it's bit like having a baby; there is all this information about the horrors of having a child that nobody tells you until you are already pregnant.

So here are a few things, best kept between running friends.

1. Farting: yep, it's a crude one to start with, but sometime you, or someone you run with, is going to let one slip. You will all pretend it didn't happen.... but it DID.

2. Emergency toilet stops: Poor Paula, she's an amazing runner, and the world record holder. But the thing that most people remember her for is that incident. While the rest of us have not been filmed, and had it broadcast internationally, it has happened to the best of us. It's happened to you. Admit it.
Even Paula can look bad when she runs.
3. Black toenails and hideously ugly feet: This isn't embarrassing until you go for get a pedicure. You lose all tai-tai creditability as soon as you remove your shoes and your gnarly, bunion riddled feet with their black malformed toenails are revealed to the world. Oh, and then there is that mound of dead skin the poor lady doing the pedicure has to shave off. Not very ladylike!

My feet after Ironman Couer D'Alene
4. Treadmill fails: Don't laugh, it happens. And you won't be laughing when you fly off the back off the treadmill and face-plant yourself in the process. Running to the bathroom to avoid vomiting over the side of the treadmill is also not a good look.

5. Marathon photos: You think in that your finishers photo that you look elite? Think again, you look special, but not in a good way. A "friend" of mine sent me this photo of me finishing a recent race. The only good thing about it is that both my feet are off the ground. That's pretty unusual in a running photo. But the rest of it is terrible. And this was at the end of a 10km race! My Berlin Marathon photos were much too ugly to purchase, let alone share!
My face is red, the skin on my my belly looks like I've had 11 children, not one. The guy behind me does not look fast.  This implies that I am also not fast. And lets not talk about the special way that I am moving. 
A few more embarrassing running moments from Runners World, and a few more here.

Share the love people, do you have other embarrassing running moments?

Big News!

Don't forget,that tomorrow is the first of a new exciting series, Inspirational Women Who Run.

I can't wait to introduce you to Kate. She's an amazing mother, career woman, and a totally inspiring runner. What an amazing lady to kickstart the series!

See you tomorrow :-)

(Especially if they are adidas / nike / mizuno etc.)

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