Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Update: the cure for jet lag? MASSIVE FAIL

Friends who have been following: I posted that I thought I may have found the cure for jet lag.
So, I did the experiment. I got on the plane, ate a meal, waited the requisite 12 hours, and then by the time I arrived home in Hong Kong, it was time for a late breakfast.
Which I ate.
That night, despite being exhausted having slept for around 5 hours in a 36 hour period, I could not go to sleep, and once I did, I woke up a few hours later. So did little Henry.

You can just imagine the night / nights we have been having in our house.

Next time, I'm going to try all the tips in this article that my friend Simon sent to me. It sounds much more plausible than my silly experiment!

And if you have any suggestions as to how to cure jet lag, please let me know!!!

My jet lag experiment crashed and burned

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