Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My husband is an idiot

Though my husband has many great qualities - he is charming, he thinks he is witty, and Chinese girls think he is handsome, interior decoration and home organisation is not his strong point.
For some time now, since we moved house about 3 months ago, he has been on my case to get things organised. (Haha!  Is that because I'm a stay at home mum, that is all my time is good for now?) And, slowly that is what I have been doing.  Organising. I've also been kind of busy, so sorting and organising has not always been my top priority.
However, sick of waiting for me, Lachlan took it upon himself to find places for things.
Unsurprising to me, this has been a disaster. For example, today I needed to retrieve a document stored on an external hard-drive. Obviously, he decided to store the hard-drive in a spare cupboard in our helpers room. However, he has stored all the electrical cords somewhere else, all mixed up, together. The hard-drive requires a specific cord to plug into the computer and also into the power socket in order for it to be of any use. Otherwise, it is just a useless silver box.
Finally, I discovered we have a second, external hard-drive, still in its packaging. I was able to take the cord from that and use it to use the first hard-drive. While this whole process of actually accessing a single document only took me about 25 minutes, it was 25 minutes that I could have used for better purposes - I only had 2 hours in total to do everything I needed to do before I had to go and collect Henry from preschool. Now I had 1 hour 35 minutes.

My regular readers will also know that recently we had a rather challenging trip to Sham Shui Po to order new curtains. Once again, my darling husband got tired of waiting for me to do it, and took it into his own hands to get this sorted.

Unfortunately when we received the curtains today, and hung them in Henry's room, it turned out that the curtains were not quite wide enough. I wanted to give my dear husband the benefit of the doubt, and blame the lady in the shop for this, but before I called her and demanded a refund, I thought that first I should double check and make sure that it was the shop lady, not my husband who had made the mistake.
First, I measured the window width. It was 280cm.
Next I called Lachlan: "Do you have the measurements still for the curtains?"
Lachlan: "Yes, I have them in my wallet."
Me: "What is the width of Henry's room?"
Lachlan: "250cm".

This is the result. Look at the right sight of the window. You can see outside. It's really lucky we got blackout curtains in order to try to make Henry sleep past 5am. They are going to be really useful.
Henry thinks it's funny. Mummy doesn't.
But even sillier than the curtain incident was this. After the initial phone call regarding the curtains, a few hours later, Lachlan called me and said, "Am I in big trouble for the curtains? Is your husband an idiot?" (He was trying to defuse the situation by being funny because he knew how exasperated I would be).
And then he said, "Am I going to pay for this on your blog?"
Until that point in time, I had not thought to blog about either hard-drive, or the curtain incident. It had not occurred to me.
However, it was my dear, loving husband who out the idea into my head to blog about his follies, immortalising them for all else to read.
And so, if you should see my husband in the street, I dare you to ask him about the curtains in Henry's room. Haha.

My question is, are all husbands this silly? Do you have a husband that does things like this?  Is this kind of behaviour common to all husbands, or am I just lucky?

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