Thursday, 24 October 2013

When to make impulse decisions

I read an interesting study that you should make impulse decisions when you really need to go to the toilet, rather than waiting to relieve yourself, and and making the decision afterwards.

The theory goes that contrary to popular belief, "People who did not believe self-control was limited showed restraint in subsequent activities". This meant that people who made impulse decisions on a full-bladder held out for a larger, delayed reward. Essentially, controlling one impulse, led to a greater ability to control other impulses. 

In the past, a lot of the life changing decisions I have made have been impulse decisions. To apply for a student exchange in India, why not? To do an ironman? Sure. A move to China? To buy a house in France? They sounded like good ideas, done.

Yesterday, Lachlan and I made an impulse decision. Not one of huge magnitude, however, still pretty exciting. 

He called me from Vietnam, where he is on a work trip. We decided that Henry and I would fly out for the weekend to meet him. 

I can't wait to share this trip with you. I spent 5 weeks in Vietnam as a backpacking, poor 20 year old. This experience I hope will be a little different. No $6 bed in a dorm room for me!

Henry is really excited about going on a "little plane". 

I am excited as I don't have a long run scheduled this weekend, so I won't mess up my training.  

It's an impulse decision, though hopefully not one of serious consequence. Though I'm not going to tell if I made it on a full bladder or not. 

I'm wondering if you make impulse decisions or not? Are you for or against acting on impulse? 

If you follow your impulse when trying to cross the road in Vietnam, you'll never get across.

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