Saturday 19 October 2013

Adventure Day: Goldfish Market

Because I was  a) not smashed because I haven't run for TWO WHOLE DAYS, and b) feeling like I should spend quality time with my son because he is currently on preschool holidays, Henry and I had an Adventure Day to the Goldfish Market in Mong Kok.

Suffice to say, that the combination of me+ the notorious toddler meant that things did not all go smoothly.

This is what happened.

Henry was cheeky on the ferry.

That was, until he fell asleep... at 9am! This means no break for me later. It's going to be a long day!
Very exited about being on the MTR (until it got jam-packed at the next stop.)
Not in Discovery Bay anymore!
In Mongkok for 5 minutes, and lost already! (As an aside, before I was pregnant, I had a great sense of direction. In fact, my ability to navigate was one of my special talents. Now that talent has gone, and I always walk in the wrong direction. Has this happened to anyone else?)
When we we lost, we saw this. Charming name for a bar.... not!

We stopped for a coffee break, before we even got to the market.
Finally.... Goldfish!
Tropical fish
Ugly fish
An old man, pondering which fish to buy... (we didn't buy any.... recipe for DISASTER!)

Fish, fish, everywhere.
Disgusting albino frogs. Made me feel queasy to look at
Henry LOVED looking at the fish.
I got sick of looking at the fish a lot more quickly than Henry did.
I preferred the turtles
My favourite thing about the day was this awesome dragon hoodie we got for Henry - complete with a tail!
It cost $HK80 - about $AU10. Bargain.
Waiting for dumplings.  We waited a really long time. 
Mini-buses galore; little boy heaven! Goodbye Mongkok!
Certainly one of our more fun adventures days!

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