Sunday 27 October 2013

Two water chickens are set free!

As you will know, yesterday we did a family trip to the Cu Chi tunnels. It was a great day out.

When we were there, our trusty guide, Mr Hung found 50 000 Dong (about $US2.50). Though he looked around a bit, we were not sure who the money belonged to. Lachlan suggested that Mr Hung keep the cash, and Mr Hung said he would donate it.

He did something even better.

On the trip back to Saigon we stopped at a roadside bird and rodent stall.

Mr Hung got out of the car and with the money he had found, purchased two water chickens that were otherwise going to be sold for someone's dinner.

The birds were tied in string and put into a plastic bag, with a little hole torn for their heads to poke through.

We then drove around the corner to find some fields that had largish puddles - perfect for water chickens!

Mr Hung set the water chickens free, so they can now have a happy life.

How great is that!

Negotiating a reasonable price for two water chickens
Henry was impressed by the chickens. Mr Hung was confused when Henry started "quaking" at the chickens. We may need to work on that!

The chickens are free!

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