Wednesday 23 October 2013

How to be cool (probably best not to follow my example.)

Balancing being a stay-at-home-mum, as well as having interests outside the family (for example, RUNNING), and also having a semblance of a social life is something I don't often feel I get right. I think it's fair to say that I'm starting to feel a little old even, and that I know longer have my finger on the pulse.

I often feel guilty for the time spent away from my son (after reading my blog, one of my dear readers told me that kid owns you... however, it's true!)

I've even skipped training, on occasion, to go home and hang out with the little brat... despite the fact that his response is to throw a tantrum anyway!

And I have refused invitations to go out and drink champagne with fabulous people in fashionable locations because of my responsibilities.

Nonetheless, the mum guilt only goes so far, and sometimes I go CRAZY - like last night. Not only did I go to training and not tuck Henry into bed, but then I went out with my friends from the track, to see a band. How cool am I!

(Though I guess you know you are a stay-at-home-mum when you get this excited about a weeknight outing. I'm certainly not as cool as I used to be!)

I can report that the band - mOdO - were seriously cool. You can check them out next at Peel Fresco in November.

mOdO - How cool are these guys? They rocked!
It's when you see other hip-young-people out on the town, and you are trying to stop yourself talking about preschools, you realise that maybe you've passed it. Any street cred I ever had has gone!

As such, despite the fact that on rare occasions I do things that are cool, on this occasion I'm how to advise you that if you do want to be cool, don't follow my example.

A friend who is much cooler than me.

If you want to be cool, I recommend you go and check out one of mOdO's gigs.

Alternatively, study this book. It has loads of great tips on how to be cool.

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