Friday, 11 October 2013

Holiday resolutions (rock-hard abs).

When you go away on holidays, do you use the time to think about how you want to change things when you get back? Do you make vacation resolutions?

I'm a big one for this. I much prefer holiday resolutions to New Years resolutions.

There a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, assuming it's a relatively relaxing trip, I have a bit more time to think about things, and I find that being away gives a bit of perspective on issues that have been bothersome for awhile.

Also, regardless of the hemisphere that you live in, I find that the end of winter / summer is a good time to set new resolutions; it gives you the chance to work towards Christmas, either as the weather warms up, or before it is miserably cold.

However, I am somewhat unoriginal in the resolutions I have picked. Compared to people in the US, I've already picked a lot of those that are most popular, as I explain below.

I liked some from this list, including, spend less time on facebook, organise my photos and get a six-pack. Love it! I won't be going bungee jumping anytime soon though!

So, here are my post-holiday resolutions. I'm planning to start on Monday, with progress updates to come.

1. Start the Vegan Before 6.00 diet (VB6). Lachlan is going to do this too. I've been reading Mark Bittman's book and I'm pretty excited to try. Watch this space!
I want abs like this dude.
2. Get a six-pack. Well not exactly, but I do want to start doing at least 2-3 core classes a week, and also a yoga class if I can fit it in. My body needs to be strengthened and stretched if I'm going to improve my running by Christmas!

3. Stop watching T.V. from Monday - Thursday. I watch way too much T.V. I'm totally addicted to T.V. series. So far, some of the series I've watched this year are True Blood 6, all of Downton Abby, Hart of Dixie, the entire series of Luther. I could go on but the shear volume of TV I have watched is slightly embarrassing. (I blame this addition on one of my mum's rules growing up; my brothers and I were only allowed to watch one hour of TV per week. Because my brothers chose stupid Who Dares Wins that was also my hour. This addiction is obviously a reaction against that.)

Stupid Mike Whitney on Who Dares Wins. The bane of my teenage existence. 
4. Update my blog at least once a day. I don't think this will be easy, but I'm going to try! If I don't watch so much TV, I might have a bit more time to do it!

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