Monday 14 October 2013

The diet starts TODAY

Today, Lachlan and I are starting the Vegan before 6pm diet ("VB6"). (Though Lachlan told me he started yesterday. I wasn't really aware). I'm pretty excited as I'm keen to feel healthier and raise my energy levels. Hopefully, I'll also lose just a little bit of weight in order to be able to run faster.
I've never been one for diets, but I feel like this is something that makes sense and so I should be able  to stick to it.

Reasons for doing this diet
  • Loose some weight - it's not that I think I'm overweight, or even really need to lose weight in order to be healthy, but it would be good to get rid of that doughnut around my middle! I really think that to improve my running, I need to get a bit leaner.
  • Have more energy - I struggle with low energy levels and really want to find a way to fix this problem.
  • Get healthier generally.
  • After reading about the impact of my meat / dairy / processed food consumption on the environment, I'm keen to minimise the impact that I have. 
  • It's a "diet plan" I feel even I can stick to - hopefully long-term; both the flexibly, and common sense approach appeals to me.
  • I'm keen for everyone in my house to eat more healthfully - especially my toddler. While he won't be on a vegan diet, he needs to get used to eating "non-white" foods, like fruit, vegetables and other unprocessed food. I'm concerned tat the bad habits he is forming now, will have a really negative impact for the rest of his life.
Basic principles of VB6
  • Eat only minimally processed fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes until dinnertime, plus if I must snack after dinner (a bad habit of mine), return to vegan eating.
  • After I get used to the plan, in addition to the regular VB6, where possible, I'm aiming to eat vegan for 2 whole days per week.
Biggest challenges I envisage that I will face 
  • I love milk and yogurt and these will be hard to give up - especially when forgoing the post-dinner binge. Moderation, especially when it comes to eating, is not my strong point! 
  • Giving up the refined carbs - especially my beloved pre-training cinnamon bagel!
  • Limiting portion sizes. I eat wayyyy too much. Part of the goal of the program is more mindful eating. i.e stopping when you are full. I'm useless at this! It needs to change. 
Current stats
Weight: around 57kg. I actually put on weight training for Berlin Marathon because due to low energy levels, I ate too much.  
Hips: 88cm
Energy levels: really low - especially when I'm training. I feel like I need a caffine drip, and by the time  Henry has his lunchtime nap, I'm ready for one too. I'd like to not have to rely on this nap - it would be good to do more with my time than just sleep, eat, train, sleep, train, and look after Henry. 
Skin: I've always had acne problems. I'm wondering if a more plant-based diet with fewer processed foods will help with this.

Before shot
Unlike the women in most "before" shots, I actually smiled!
 Typical diet before
1st breakfast: Cinnamon and raisin bagel, Nespresso style coffee (made with lots of milk.)
2nd breakfast: (after training) fruit smoothie, made with yogurt, milk and ice.

Morning snack: Nespresso coffee

Lunch: Salad / Sandwich / previous nights left overs.

Afternoon snack: Yogurt, dried fruit, or savoury biscuits, full-fat latte.

Dinner: Vegetable based soup / vegetable curry / steak and salad / spinach quiche / salmon and salad.

Post dinner snack: yogurt with honey, dried fruit, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, 1/2 a jar of nuttela, or a combination of these things. Basically, anything sweet that I can get my hands on, plus buttery popcorn. I often also drink about 1/2 a litre or more of full-fat milk.

On the weekends (though not exclusively) I'm more likely to eat out for either lunch or dinner - choices include dim sum, salad with chicken, pizza, grilled fish, thai, indian, beef of chicken burrito. While I tend not order a big greasy burger or nachos, I'm sure I often consume more than equivalent calories!

When I'm training, I often have a couple of glasses of wine on Sundays, but try to steer clear the rest of the week.

While I think it might be tough to start with, I think that once I get used to it, it will be easy. Still, if anyone has any good vegan recipes (I can't believe I just wrote that!!) I'd appreciate it!
I'll keep you posted with my progress.

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