Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Do you have any irrational fears?

Do you have any irrational fears?

I'm thinking about this right now because I'm contemplating going for my run. I know it's totally irrational, but when I go running on my own, I can be totally paralysed by the fear that I'm going to be assaulted. And I mean, I'm silly about it. A car will drive down along the road, and for no reason I jump and hide in the bushes.

You could argue that  I'm just being cautious and sensible, after-all, women do get attacked when running.

However, my fear, when applied to Normandy is totally irrational.

Firstly, the crime rate, in relation to assault is unsurprisingly, pretty low in this area. And the figures take into account cases of domestic violence and others instances where the victim knew the perpetrator, which generally represent the majority of assault cases at the best of times.

Further, it's only retired Brits actually living in the area. So hopefully, should someone stop and try to chase me, hopefully I can outrun a 70 year old dude.

Even if I can't outrun him, there just aren't many people around. Yesterday I ran for 50 minutes and saw two cars the entire time. I also saw one tractor. My chances of one of those three drivers being totally evil, are pretty low.

I also know this fear is irrational, because a) the closer I am to my house the less fearful I am - as if my house has some magic forcefield that will protect me, and b) if I go out walking on my own, or push the stroller, I have no anxiety whatsoever. (I hear strollers are like shields and protect people.) I'm also not afraid of the hunting dogs that have apparently gone after our neighbours horses and car.

In Normandy, it's just the old dudes with their walking frames that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I've also been freaked out running at lunch time in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. It is so crowded! And Shanghai with its 23.5 million people. Anyone of those oldies doing tai-chi could attack me at any moment!

Totally irrational!

This article described my fears perfectly.

Here is one of my other irrational fears. This picture made me laugh because it is exactly how I feel - I constantly see shadows when I swim.

 "Sharks man. So what if this is a land-locked lake, it could still happen". 
I'm interested to know what some of your irrational fears are? Here is a list that made me laugh. Are you scared of any of these or something else? 

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