Tuesday 31 December 2013

Our Amsterdam adventure

Dear readers, loyal followers; I've been on a blogging hiatus, celebrating Christmas in Amsterdam.
I hope you have been having a great Christmas break! Lachlan, Henry and I had a wonderful Amsterdam adventure. I love this city!
On Christmas day, despite neither Lachlan or I being religious, we decided to take Henry to a Christmas Church service. I must say, I had a great time belting out Christmas carols and sharing in the spirit of the day with so many others. Though Henry slept through most of the service, he enjoyed the bits that he was awake for!
We followed this by a non-convetional Christmas lunch of toasted Turkey sandwiches and apple cake, which were absolutely delicious. We then had an amazing 5 course Christmas dinner. Henry was happy as he got to eat his favourite spaghetti bolognese and then promptly slept through the rest of the meal. It meant Lachlan and I could enjoy a proper night out - well as much as you can with a sleeping toddler in tow.
All in all, an excellent Christmas and an excellent week spent in one of my favourite cities of the world.
13 hours into the 15 hour plane trip; we flew through the day, had about 3 hours sleep between all three of us, and Henry was an angel! I'm not sure who had kidnapped my son!
I LOVE shopping in Amsterdam!
Jet-lagged and cross!

Amsterdam Christmas Markets! 
Henry's new thing; in freezing cold weather  he insists on "no jacket!"
We stumbled upon an organic food market with live music. It was so cool!
At Amsterdam's famous Christmas circus!

Henry is enjoying sleeping through the circus 
Henry insisted that the left picture was of Lachlan, the right of me. Can you see the similarities? 
At Moeders restaurant. We first went here when Henry was 8 weeks old. That first meal was a lot more peaceful! 

Stedljik Museum - Amsterdam's modern art museum. Henry thought this was a picture of him. The typical reaction of a self-obsessed 2 year old!
Henry getting amongst the art 

Here is a kid who does not like the cold.
After our third attempt, Henry and I FINALLY made it to the Van Gogh museum. It only took us 2.5 years!

The best part about museums? The cafe of course!
Free to run after the boring museum. Right after this photo, Henry fell face-first into the mud. 

Tram rides; much more fun than boring museums! 
Henry insisted on a photo in front of the Christmas tree.
And he insisted on multiple photos in Santa's sleigh. 

Lachlan insisted on a Christmas photo too!
Unconventional Christmas lunch
Unconventional Christmas dinner
That's some family Christmas photo! 
On our last night, Lachlan and I got a babysitter and headed to the Michelin starred restaurant, Envy, it was incredible. Henry has actually been here - as an 8 week old, but we figured since he'd been before he wouldn't mind missing out. (And we wouldn't mind either!)
Leaving Amsterdam. Belated Merry Christmas from Henry and Elmo! 

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  1. Nice pics..Your kid is cute..Even he enjoyed Amsterdam trip alot.