Tuesday 3 December 2013

Little runner boy

Last week, when we played dress-ups, Henry wanted to dress up as a runner. So we found an old number, put him in my old Woolgoolga Athletics Club singlet and he was off.

He insisted on having a trophy and a "folder"(the requisite envelope you get when you win prizes in Hong Kong.)  I guess this is what he has seen happens at races.

Because I chose the biggest, most garish trophy I could find, Henry promptly clocked himself in the head with it.

Once the tears had dried, he ran round and round the backyard for ages. Hours of entertainment!

Off he goes!
He tried to raise the trophy above his head. This was totally unprompted!
The most important bit; what's in the "folder"?
Looking very pleased with himself 
It's quite a lot for him to carry. It's around this point that he whacks himself in the face with the trophy. 
Running round.... 
And round.
A little exhausted after all that running
Totally wrecked.
I'm a bit concerned about what my example is teaching him - that it's ok to have a hobby you are slightly obsessive about. And it's a worry in Hong Kong where trophies abound. Though I suppose there are worse things!

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