Wednesday 4 December 2013

Aussie Christmas Gift guide

Oh Bondi! 
As a proud Aussie expat (well sometimes anyway), I've put together a list of the most fabulous things you can get this Christmas from Australia.

I can't give you Bondi on a perfect summer's day, but this is the next best thing!

For you sister / best friend / a Christmas gift for your house (or even yourself!)
I'm in LOVE with Gorman this season. Beautiful dresses, the prettiest shoes, and now they do homewares! Hurrah! A little piece of Oz in your home - wherever you may live!

How do you chose just one thing from Gorman? I 'm obsessed with the Melon print. There is a dress, socks, a top and it's even in their home wares range. I say get them all.

A gift for your husband to give to you... because he has such great taste!
I'm a long time fan of Cue dresses. The fit, tailoring and quality is all great. Their clothes are both functional and pretty - so it's good for the office and summer parties.

I'm loving this dress. Yellow snakeskin, yes please!

Python Origami Dress 
For your Aussie husband. 
It doesn't get much more Aussie than Decibel. If you are either missing home, going to an Aussie-expat function, or you just want to look cool, get yourself into one of these t-shirts or jumpers. Get one for your man. Get some for the whole fam. It's full Aussie, it's fully awesome.
One of my favs - the Heaps Good t-shirt and hoodie

For the toddler who wants more and more and more stories (because he doesn't want to go to bed!)

This is one of Henry and my favourite bedtime stories. It's been around since I was a kid, and it's still lovely.

For your toddler's little mates

Another great Aussie kids books - Pamela Allen has written so many great books. This will help explain to your British / American / Dutch friends what it was like being attacked by magpies on your way to school when you were a kid.

The comfiest PJs for the whole family 
Ok, so maybe keep the onesies for the youngest members of the family, but Bonds have heaps of great stuff for the whole family - great stocking fillers if it's now up to you to buy all the socks and undies for the entire family!

For your dad who likes adult contemporary music

It may not be cool, but don't pretend that he won't love it (even if he has to listen to it in secret). Savage Garden!

For your mum

What can I say, but LOVE! If you aren't a fan of this Ball Bowl & Spoon set , you are sure to find a beautiful vase or gorgeous jewellery for old mum at Dinosaur Designs. Surely an Australian icon.

For your two younger brothers and sister who are all way cooler than you

Big Day Out (or other appropriate music festival) tickets. You may not have heard of all the bands playing, (though hopefully you've heard of Pearl Jam at least) but given you have a brother who is a DJ, another brother who is a pro-snowboarder and also a uni student, and a sister who has just finished high school, they are likely to be much hipper than you, and a bit more up on the music that the kids are listening to today!

For your best friend

I first saw Katie Noonan play in a chapel in Melbourne. My great friend Lucie, who I've known since kindergarten (and probably before that, though I can't remember) took me to the gig. All chicks love this music, and this is a great album.

For your mum friends

Totally retro, but still the best kids cake book around.

For all your running friends
Your running friends are too skinny anyway (and if you fatten them up it might help you beat them, haha! Only kidding of course.) But there is nothing better than home made lamingtons. And I can personally vouch for the fact that this recipe is a winner. Yum!

Have a fun Aussie Christmas!

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