Monday, 23 December 2013

What's the weirdest compliment that you ever received?

What's the strangest compliment you've ever been given?

At the hairdressers the other day, as he was was blow-drying my hair, the hair dresser remarked, "wow, that's so cool! You've got elfish ears!"
He took a look at both of my ears, and went on, "I was watching the hobbit the other day and I was thinking to myself, those hobbits, their ears come up into a point. I love them!
Your ears are a bit like that!"

The hairdresser then went on to show me his ears, also somewhat pointed at the top - according to him, just like a hobbit or an elf. He told me that he really liked his ears too.
Apparently I have ears like a hobbit - this is supposed to be a good thing. 
 The other strange compliment I will never forget was given to me by a customer when, as a student, I was working at the ABC shop - the retail store affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Network.

An older guy was buying the monthly cricket digest, and as he was so doing he said to me, "excuse me, but would you mind me asking, are you  related to Brett Lee? (The famous Australian cricketer.) You look exactly like him, I mean you are the female version of him. I would not say this lightly either, because he is an amazing cricketer. It's amazing; you are just EXACTLY like him. Wow, you are so lucky".
I'm not a cricket fan, and so I found this rather odd. Though I guess it's good that the old guy meant well!
Brett Lee doing his thing; apparently I am the female version of him. Not sure what I think about this. 
So I'm interested to hear. What's the strangest compliment that you have ever received? And how did you take it?

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