Monday, 9 December 2013

What an amazing weekend!

So many great races this weekend.... I was glued to the computer, tracking people online.

Lisa in Bondi
Lisa Marangon came third in Ironman WA in an incredible 9.19.28. She led out out the water, and maintained the lead for the first lap of the bike, though was ultimately overtaken by Mareen Hufe, and the overall winner Elizabeth Lyles who stormed home in the run.
Read the full race report here.
Read the exclusive Dim Sum and Long Runs interview with Lisa here.
It's an incredible result by Lisa, but my guess is that her strongest is yet to come!

The amazing Alice McClure ran an incredible 44.42, placing 4th in her category, in the Susan Women's 10km in Melbourne. This is an amazing achievement by the single mum of a 6 month old baby! Alice is the founder and coach of Mums on the Run in Melbourne - a track training group for mums in Melbourne, and lots of these mums trained for this race too. Alice got loads of other mums through this run, and ran an incredible race herself! What an incredible achievement!
Read more about Mums on the Run, and running for mums, here.

Closer to home, (well, my current home anyway) some great runs by Kipmovin athletes James, Jenny, Nerida and Lantau Buffalo amazing triathlete, Karen at the 15km Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Race. Great runs... I love that that it's triathlon off-season so Karen's decided to hit some trails. It adds a different kind of meaning to taking it easy!

And let's not forget, last weekend, some incredible running by Kipmovin athletes in Cambodia at the Angkor Watt 10km and 1/2 marathon events. Second from the left in this photo is Steph, who has improved at an incredible rate since she started running with Kipmovin. Steph ran an amazing 55.43 (despite having Cambodia belly!)  It's great result for her international racing debut.
Shout out also to Beth and James - long time Kipmovers, who ran great times that day too!
Read more about the commitment in picking at a destination race here.

Michelle Lowry winning the Unicef 1/2 marathon. Michelle is also a mother of three and PhD student! How does she do it all? Watch this space for an exclusive interview!
It's  definitely racing season here in Hong Kong. With races every weekend - including recent standout performances at the Unicef 1/2 marathon and 10km. We are also waiting to hear the results also of the Cocacola 10km held yesterday.

And next weekend a number of Kipmovin athletes are running in the Fubon Taipei Marathon and 1/2 marathon. Watch this space for race reports!

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