Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Dim Sum and Long Runs Christmas Gift guide for the Sporty Lady in your life

Sporty ladies deserve extra special gifts for Christmas. They work their butts off, not just at the gym and out on the track, but even more than this, they work really hard trying to fit everything in; running / cycling / mothering / working / cooking dinner / running the household - they do it all. And add to that, they spend a significant portion of their time in old, stinky, sweaty sports gear, and so they deserve to feel special and spoiled at times!

Here is the Dim Sum and Long Run guide which will make your Sporty Lady feel special and spoiled.

Pretty and fast running shoes.
I loved my purple adidas adizero Boston 4 runners so much that I went out and bought a pink pair too. I'm not usually an adidas kind of girl, but when I got this pair, the guy in the shop told me, "this is what all the elite female marathoners wear". I thought to myself, "I better get myself in those then". And so I did, and I love them. Get them here.
If you are buying runners as a gift, they should be pretty. I know I run faster in a nice looking pair of shoes - preferably one with a fluorescent sole. I'm a firm believer that if you look fast, you go fast. These are my pick of shoes for this year, but some of my other all time favourites include shoes by K-Swiss, asics, brooks and also New Balance.
I love these Aussie flag K-swiss shoes - perfect for overseas races, but hard to find!
Imagine having these Brooks Mach 13 leopard print runners for your track workouts... Faster than a leopard, nobody would ever catch you. Love!
A great GPS watch
For the lady who likes to download data and track her progress I prefer Garmin, however, if you are after something a little more straight forward and easy to work, Polar is best. I love my Garmin Forerunner 910XT for multisport so much that I'd save it if our house caught on fire. I also love Garmin's pretty colours for running. What I also like about their running watches is that they are not too big for women's wrists, and so don't look ridiculously masculine.

Sexy cycling kit
This will match your sexy racing flats / spikes. It's all about leopard print this season ladies.

Fast wheels

Looks fast, is fast. Enough said. Every speedy lady needs a set of these . Sure, it might cost the same as a small car, but think how happy she will be Christmas morning! And after all, a happy wife is a happy life.

A "relaxing" getaway
Next year, a good friend of mine is going to celebrate a significant birthday by doing the Bali Triathlon. Such a good idea! It's not too full-on (I wasn't all that relaxed in Langkawi as I had to do a freakin ironman), but it's still a great destination race. It's the prefect balance between sun, running and cocktails. Fun!

Free time!

Sporty chicks tend to be busy chicks. They don't have much down time; so you can clean the house, do the shopping, look after the kids. Then she can chill out and read a book for a change.

Something to make her feel special - she's not just an athlete!

Every birthday, every Christmas, every gift giving occasion, my husband asks me, "what would you like for your birthday / Christmas / anniversary / graduation / etc?" And every time I answer, "something from Tiffanys." So far, no luck. Just because I'm sporty, doesn't mean that I just want gadgets. I spend so much of my time in sweaty lycra, I want something pretty dammit!
I'll just keep trying.

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