Wednesday 11 December 2013

Our Christmas Tree

Finally, our Christmas tree is up! It was a lot easier than last year, as while Henry is still was not very capable of putting ornaments on the tree, at least he had the idea. Last year, he seemed to be able to pull ornaments off the tree and smash them on the floor at a rate much faster than I could hang them.
Trying to be a good mum, we listened to Christmas music (it is so grating... why do they make it so bad?) for as long as I could tolerate it.
Then after Henry went to bed, I ate choc-mint Christmas cookies. (He doesn't need the sugar.)

Admiring the tree; delivered from the Supermarket. Got to love Hong Kong's convenience! Much easier than last years trip to the Hongqiao flower market in freezing temperatures. 
What's in the bag?
Henry decides to throw the contents of the bag on the floor. Baubles go everywhere. 
He has found some tinsel to tie around his neck. Great!
Done! (You can see Henry's bit - the tinsel in the bottom right corner of the tree.)
Lying on the carpet; defeated. 

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