Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!
What are you up to?
I know lots of interesting people in lots of interesting places are doing some really cool things!
My friends from Shanghai - Jon and Jen - are getting married in the UK. Have a GREAT one guys!
My friend Lisa is 8.5 months pregnant in WA. I don't envy you Lis, but it will all be worth it. Good luck and thinking of you!
My friend Jordana in Sydney has a balcony to to watch the fireworks.
My friend Kate in Hong Kong is celebrating with pie... I like that idea!
My brother Edward went surfing at Bells Beach. Looks amazing!
Lachlan, Henry and I went to Ikea in Rennes in rural France. Henry loved it because we hired a truck. Lachlan liked the hotdog, but was less impressed by the overall adventure.
Eating chocolate brioche, loving the truck ride!
Henry tried to steal this dog from Ikea. 
Good hotdog, bad trip?
Now, we are back at our house in Normandy. It is wet and cold and it's going to be a very quite celebration here. We will celebrate with champagne, and I'm home-making aioli and bouillabaisse. Because of the time difference, we've already seen midnight in Hong Kong. That will have to be enough because I don't think we will see midnight in France!

Have a Happy New Year all! 

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