Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Welcome Back!

Dear readers,
I've had a few weeks away from blogging. I also had a few weeks away from running. 2013 was a somewhat stressful and crazy year for us and I was feeling burnt out and exhausted.
In 2013, Lachlan, Henry and I moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong. While the life is a lot better for our family in Hong Kong, it was not an easy move and there are still a lot of things we miss about Shanghai. In particular, Shanghai's diversity is hard to beat. While it's a lot easier living in Hong Kong on a day-to-day basis, it's certainly not as rich or fulfilling an experience - I can't step out the door and everyday learn something new. And again, I really miss our friends. There is nothing like the bonding experience of having your first baby in mainland China. I met so many amazing people (other mums, my bosses at Spinback Fitness, our driver Xiao Yu, Ayi and my Chinese teacher Cathy)  and so saying goodbye was hard. I still miss these people terribly!
Making the adjustment to living in a new city was not easy. Starting all over again, for the second time in two years was also not easy.
I also made the decision to return to part-time work. This was a lot more challenging than I had hoped. Having very little work experience in Hong Kong, trying to break into a market where there is practically no concept of part-time work was demoralising.  However, watch this space! I have secured a few writing gigs that I'm really excited about, and I have other plans I'm looking forward to sharing with you.
I also ran three marathons - in Nagano, Berlin and Taipei. As you all know, I LOVE running, but training for a marathon certainly takes its toll. By the 15 December, I felt worn out and my body was sore.
And Lachlan travelled a lot. This was not always easy - for any of us. While it's wonderful to have this amazing expat experience, it does at times come at a price.
I felt I needed a little break.
However, I've had the chance to refresh and re-prioritise. While I may not blog everyday (it was becoming a little obsessive) I'll still have tonnes of great things to share with you. I love hearing your comments and sharing our adventures. 2014 is going to be bigger than ever!
This time last year we took my baby sister to the Harbin Ice Festival. It got down to minus 30 degrees celsius. It was so cold, and I HATE the cold. It's hard to believe how much has happened since then!
Henry and his best buddy in Shanghai. These two had plans to get married in Uruguay. We miss her (and her mum) so much!
This is when we first arrived in Hong Kong; our house in Stanley
And then we moved to Disco Bay. It's the first time I've ever moved house by ferry!
Family holiday to Hawaii. I am happy to be flown in an 8 seater plan by this pilot any day. He was a total rockstar! 
We were so lucky to have my brother Eddie and his lovely girlfriend Sunny visit us.
The star of Dim Sum and Long Runs - exhausted after swimming.
My heart melts; he was so proud of himself in his soccer uniform.
Rockin the stay-at-home-mum gig; here are the Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird cakes that I made for Henry's 2nd birthday.
Playing dress-ups in the backyard.
At the start of Nagano Marathon, April 2013. This was not a happy day. We'd moved to Hong Kong three weeks before, I was so injured I was having trouble walking  let alone running, and then the night before the race temperatures dropped to minus 8 degrees celsius. Did I mention I hate the cold? It snowed the entire race!
My first race in Hong Kong with the KipMovin team!
Some of my other Hong Kong family; us Team Italia girls like it up on the podium!
Post race misery and pain in Berlin.
The start of Taipei Marathon: a much happier day!
New Year's Eve Normandy Style: We know how to party!


  1. I love your blog! You achievements are amazing. How did you get started in the first place? How long did it take for you to get to your comfortable marathon level of running? And, how do you get abs like that - is it all from running or lots of cross training too? :) I've only just started running three or four times a week 5 months ago and really loving it - but have to agree with you, training is hard!! xx

    1. Hi Kristy,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I was stoked to receive it!
      If you started running 5 months ago you can definitely aim for a marathon in the not too distant future! While it took me a long time to get my time down, it took me about a year from finishing my first 10km fun run to finishing my first marathon. You can do it for sure!
      Haha nobody had ever complimented me on my abs before - in fact it's something that I'm self-concious about, so thank you! I've only just started cross-training again this year, and I do feel like it's helping with my running and recovery. Hopefully, it will help with my abs too - I'll keep you posted ;-)