Sunday, 22 September 2013

This week in running

A recap of this week in running;

Accidents caused by "selfies" on smartphones may lead to a ban on smartphones in the Hong Kong Marathon; only in Hong Kong!

Today's Sydney Marathon results; the fastest man was Willy Kibor Koitile in a time of 2.13.48, the fastest female was Biruktayit Degefa in a time of 2.32.46. That's fast!
Special congratulations to my friend Phoebe, who finished her first marathon in 4.25.21! What an amazing achievement! Congratulations!!!

This time last year, it was a family affair in Sydney - my mum did the full marathon, me and my brother Martin did the 1/2 marathon, my brother Edward and his girlfriend Sunny did the 10km Bridge run, and my sister Alice watched 13 month old Henry so that I could run!

Today was also the Siberian International Marathon. Not a race I'm keen on doing - one for the more adventurous!

Some upcoming races that you might be interested in; get ready to register for next year's Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon , entries sell out quickly. For something a little less full-on, there is Discovery Bay 10km and Victoria to Peak Challenge.

Despite a lot of events coming up around Hong Kong, there won't be much training going on in the next few days. Brace yourself for Typhoon Usagi - it's supposed to be the worst in at least the past 30 years! It's getting pretty wild outside right now. (Though not as wild as the supermarket with its empty shelves this morning!)

A song to run to; the lyrics are appropriate for track runners.

Running quote of the day:
"Life is short.... running makes it seem longer" - Baron Hansen

The Williams / Richards / Wolfers / Penning family running team at Sydney Running Festival, 2012

And for those of you totally uninterested in running;
I'm about to let you in on the conspiracy of stay-at-home-mums everywhere: what follows it why we are so busy all the time, and can't get out to meet friends from our pre-kid lives who don't have kids themselves. This is what we are doing with our time - I call this "Henry and Mummy's Typhoon Usagi Party."

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