Saturday 28 September 2013

Berlin Marathon Expo

Yesterday was a big day; it was the day I went to the Berlin Marathon Expo to pick up my number (that's number F11498 - under the name "Jane Richards" for all of you following at home! Here is a link to the website, hopefully by tomorrow there will be live tracking online.)
Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the craziness. 

Now, I've been to a few Race Expos in my time, and I've got to say, this one takes the cake.

What a circus! 

Held at an airport (there wouldn't be another venue big enough), it is so big that it was spread over several airport hangers, and even spilled out onto the tarmac.

If you think they put on a good show in Kona, or anywhere else. Think again!

Some highlights;

1. Beer and sausages for sale; puts a whole new spin on carb loading.

2. The official merchandise that included kids ghetto tracksuits.

3. Test-drive BMWs, and also remote controlled cars to play with.

4. Test-drive available of those ridiculous elliptical bicycle trainer things.  Good way to stack it pre-race!

5. The fact that the entire 40 000 race entrants, and their mums, cousins and mates that they picked up off the street, decided to go to the expo at exactly the same time as me. At one stage, a South-American family of about 12, decided to stand literally on top of me, because that was obviously the best place to take a photo? I was sitting with my back against a wall. Why, why, why?? There were plenty of other spaces which would have been much nicer spots for taking photos of your entire extended family!

6. That there was so much to buy, and yet, safety pins for your race number were not included in the race pack. Fail!

While I usually love such expos because they present an awesome shopportunity, I decided to save my money and spend it at the fancy boutiques near my hotel instead. Much more civilised!

In the end, all I left with was two pairs of socks - and then that was only because all mine have holes in them.
This is just the entrance hall to get to the expo
Note the race car track,
 and the plane in the background

Too crowded! 
This is the line to pick up your race number!

Pre-race carb loading options; Beer
Official merchandise;
only around 60+Euros for a kids tracksuit.
So ghetto. 

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