Wednesday 18 September 2013

Creating family traditions

Now that I am a proper grown up and have my own family, it seems to me to be important to create our own traditions.
In that spirit, this is the new and decadent tradition that Henry and I have created;
On our trips to into town, on our way home, Henry and I stop by my favourite macaroon shop in the world - Pierre Herme - and get a small box of macaroons.
The real trick is to eat at least one each on the ferry on the way home. You each get to choose one, (Henry usually chooses "yellow" because that is his favourite colour) but then you have to give a little bite to the other person to try - so you get to try at least two flavours (more if you go back for seconds).
(Though when I worked out how much each macaroon costs, I was horrified at how spoilt my son is.)


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