Saturday, 21 September 2013

Berlin Marathon 2013: key preparation stats

I'm really excited because in only 8 more sleeps, I will be waking up to race on what promises to be the world's fastest marathon course (what's interesting is that a lot more men have run fast times in Berlin than women). On 29 September 2013, I will be trying to set a PB at Berlin Marathon.  Super excited!
Here are some of the key statistics involved in my preparation;

1. I started my 18 week program on 10 June. That's almost 4 months preparation for an event that will take me a bit less than 3 hours!
The running shoes that I plan to wear race day. 

2. Over that period, I've worn 8 different pairs of running shoes, and run 193 times - my plan was to run 196 times, but I've had to take a couple of days off from training because I was tired.

3. My longest run was 42km, my shortest run was around 5.5km.

4. My fastest kilometre was 3.27, my slowest was around 7.30.

5. I've run in two typhoons (had I stuck to the letter of my original training plan, it would have been three - but I brought my last long run scheduled for tomorrow, forward by a day because super typhoon Usagi is scheduled to hit Hong Kong tomorrow.)

6. I ran twice on my birthday, twice on my son's birthday, and once on my husband's birthday. I might try to plan that a bit better next time!

7. I've run in three races in two countries, and had three podium finishes.

8. I've run with Kenyans, Australians, British, Irish, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and Americans.

9. Amongst others, I met and ran with elite Kenyan runner Joel Kemboi, and I also met Tom Knoll - he came 6th in the original Hawaii Ironman! Coincidentally, both these men told me they have also run Berlin marathon. They were both very inspiring.

Meeting the extraordinary Tom Knoll -  this year he is planning to run across America for charity. Not bad for 80!

10. I was attacked by a dog once, and saw wild dogs on two other separate occasions (luckily my coach, Thomas Kiprotich scared them away!)

11. I've bled through my running shoes 3 times (but that was my own silly fault because I hadn't cut my toenails.)

The "blood shoes" - the brownish stain at the front is my blood
12. I consumed around 20 energy gels (a relatively moderate amount since my record was 27 in one day during my first ironman event in Malaysia! Not recommended), around 5 bowls of pasta, and, I estimate between 60-70 bagels.

13. I think this will be my 11th marathon (this doesn't include marathons in ironman or ultras.) I'm planning to take off around 1 hour 20 min off my first marathon time, which I completed in Sydney in 2005.

To conclude this post, I feel like I should thank Lachlan and Henry for supporting my running, my coach Thomas, and his wife Nerida, and all the other excellent people I've run with. There's a lot of time and energy that goes into getting someone to the start line of a big race.

Watch this space for race week updates!

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