Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What's your dream job?

According to  these are the top 20 dream jobs:

1. Actor
2. Baker
3. Bed and Breakfast owner
4.  Brew Master
5. Chocolatier
6. Dog day-care owner
7. Fashion buyer / designer
8. Hotel Manager
9. Interior designer
10. Music producer
11. Nonprofit director
12. Photographer
13. Private Investigator
14. Sports announcer
15. TV producer
16. Voice-over artist
17. Wedding planner
18. Wine store / bar owner
19. Wine maker
20. Writer / publisher

Some of them are little bizarre if you ask me - I mean B&B owner? Do you fancy changing sheets and cleaning toilets all day, and then having people trash your house? I don't. Same goes for hotel manager. Want to deal with irrate customers? Not me. But each to their own.

There are other lists about, with quite a lot of overlap. Most people want to be actors, writers, musicians and race car drivers. Fun!

My dream job (apart from professional blogger, haha) should be obvious to all of you. I dream of being an elite athlete - either a marathoner or ironman triathlete. In this capacity, I don't need to be world number one, I'd be pretty happy being just above average when compared with other elites. (Again, haha.) So a few podiums here and there would suffice. For example, I'd be pleased if I was remembered for that time that I got on the podium in one of the World Majors Marathons. Again, I don't mind if I'm not number one, just second or third in Chicago or Boston marathon would easily please me.

Of course, I'd be happy to do all the training. I love running. I love cycling and miss not doing it everyday. And of course, swimming is great too.

There's also nothing better than slamming down a burrito at Beach Burrito Co in Bondi after a 150km bike ride and a 15km run.

There's lots of other jobs I'd love to have a go at too. Pilot, Criminal Investigator, Novelist, Tennis Player (more like Rafael Nadal than anyone else), Hollywood actress, Children's lawyer....

I'm interested to hear what you would do if you could do any job that you chose. What's your dream job?

And hey, dream big people! after all, it's your life!


  1. does it have to fit the alphabet to get on the list ? :-)... still open "E" Egotist, "G" Grumpy old man, "J" Jackass, "K" .... head, "L" Lumper, "O" Oligarch, "Q" Quidich Instructer, "R" RaceHorse, "U" Underwear Tester, "X" Xmas tree decorator "Y" Yorkshireman, "Z" Zebedee (

    1. That is very funny Mr H. To be fair, there must be such a thing as underwear testers. Bizarre job but funny. Imagine introducing yourself at parties.
      I met a meat taster for M&S in the uk once. She said at first it was a good job, but come Christmas it was turkey overload. Good at first, but then I think it would get a bit gross.

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