Wednesday 13 November 2013

Wednesday Giveaway!!

Hey people, I've got some exciting news today. Here at Dim Sum and Long Runs, today we have a giveaway! Read on.....

I was really lucky to be invited to trial Hong Kong's new spin studio last week - XYZ. And I can tell you, it was a great experience!

Now, I've got to stay I am pretty picky when it comes to spinning. To start with, I worked as an instructor at Spinback Fittness in Shanghai, and I loved it. But it means I like my spinning done a certain way.

In Australia, I was addicted to one particular spin class at the gym I used to go to in Bondi. A big reason for the "addiction" was due to the instructor. His classes tended to be FULL of women. Lets just say that Nathan used to look pretty damn good in a pair of cycling knicks. What can I say.

As such, at any new spin studio, I was always going to be a tough customer to please!

However, from the moment I arrived at XYZ I could tell that I was in for a different expereince than at your regular gym.
A really slick fit-out
To start with, I saw some of the other class attendees having gels before the class. I asked them, "how full-on is this class going to be? You need a gel first???" They assured me that I would be ok, that they'd just woken up  (this was for a 7pm class - oh to be so young and hip!)

This is one slick operation. I was offered Shimano cycling shoes - I was impressed as these were the very same shoes that I had for my first road bike, when I first started wearing clip-in shoes. They are $HK20 to hire, which is totally worth the outlay when it means they are clean and new.  (Though it's free at your first spin.) Using spin shoes means you get a better workout - you can use the entire pedal stroke - both pushing down, and pulling up and so that you engage more muscles, effectively burn more fat and become a more efficient cyclist. Major tick from me!

I was also offered cycling shorts, and they have gel seats to make your ride more comfortable. Another major tick from me! This means no more excuses ladies and gentlemen that you don't like spin as it's too uncomfortable for you. (Seriously guys, nobody needs more padding than that!)

The spin studio itself is like none other I've ever seen. It's slick, it's clean, and the bikes are on steps so that no matter where you are, you can see the instructor. But the thing that is the most impressive is the lighting. During the evening classes, they use proper stage lighting - for some tracks, there is luminescence, for others there are lower level red lights so you can imagine yourself riding through the desert. There is a huge variety of different lighting effects and it's super cool.
Feel like you are out - when you are just out on the bike!
I also liked the mirrored wall behind the instructor. It means no hiding! You are here to work-out after all. Make your time count!

The class itself was pretty awesome too. Our excellent instructor, Rachel, was unbelievably enthusiastic and kept everyone going and really engaged. Totally unprompted, one of the other girls in the class told   me that this is the only exercise class that she will do as she otherwise hates gyms. What I also really loved was the innovative use of the bikes and creative inclusion of non-cycling exercises. For example, Rachel had us doing push-ups on the handle bars during one track and using hand weights during another. This means that you get a much more comprehensive workout - it's not just about legs and butt but biceps too. The perfect workout in time-pressed Hong Kong!
Get ready to ride - a spin experience like no other.
What I loved most about XYZ was it's innovative approach. Apart from the workout, studio and generally luxurious facilities, their whole approach is like none I've ever experienced. For example, if you are a little intimidated, they have classes for beginners - the XYZ Protocol class so you can ease your way into it... and it's FREE! Some evenings there are drinks served after class. You can work out, but not feel like you are missing out on being out - going to a spin class is an event in itself. You can actaully meet cool people and hang out. How cool is that!
The change rooms are really lux - more like a spa than a gym, it's the little touches like towels being included and nice shampoo that makes the difference. 
I also loved the enthusiasm. Both the instructors, and also the other people in the class were really enthusiastic, lovely people. What a great place to be, and a great way to meet awesome new people on a Monday night in Hong Kong.

And now, here is the best bit people!!!!

XYZ is offering FREE CLASSES to the first 15 of my readers who can answer this question:

Name the instructors listed on the XYZ website.

Hint: you'll find the answer on their website!

If you'd like to win please send me an email with "XYZ" in the subject title.

First in best dressed!

I can't reccomend this workout more! Super fun!!

Details: 2/F New World Tower II, 18 Queens Road Central,
Prices: Trial classes $200, classes available in singles or in packs of 5 or more.
Timetable: Click here.

Further details on the website

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