Monday, 18 November 2013

The best Nachos this side of Sydney

Yesterday, we took a family trip to Mui Wo, and I can tell you, it was beautiful. In fact, I liked it so much I said to Lachlan, "perhaps we should move here". (Don't worry, we are not moving, I just like to  dream.)
It was just so relaxed and beachy. Check out the photos below. One of the nicest beaches in Hong Kong, great restaurants and cafes, and incredible artisan bakery. My kind of place. And the perfect weather certainly didn't hurt.
Beautiful beach

Waterfront dining 
Waterfront shopping
Bike parking.
Poor Henry, he spent our entire adventure, asleep!

But quite possibly my favourite thing there was the pub / cafe we ate in - China Bear. This was nothing fancy, but it had "Australian Style" pub food. It was in a perfect location - waterside, and was just totally tranquillo. 
Henry slept through the entire meal. Poor thing, he missed out. But it meant more for us.
Yummmm Baked potato with beans and tuna.
My diet is not going so well... chocolate milkshake. 
The very best thing of all were the nachos. AMAZING!! I have not have nachos like this since I left Australia (well, I NEVER order them, but still, these were pretty special.)
Lachlan is eyeing off the best bits. Not so fast!
Henry was understandably cranky to find out he'd missed all the fun: no photo!
The ferry trip home. At least Henry got pizza foccacia from the artisan bakery. Yum!

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