Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Let's get happy together!

I read an article recently in O, The Oprah Magazine (stop laughing now) which reported that people who completed five small acts of kindness - such as helping a friend, visiting a relative, or writing a thank-you note one day a week for six weeks experienced a significant boost in their overall feelings of well-being. However people who spread their good-doing over the course of only one week showed no such boost. This was based on a study by Sonja Lyumbomirsky PhD, who does a lot of really interesting work about happiness. Her conclusion was that there is a threshold of giving necessary to be reached before it has an impact.
I thought that this was really interesting; what an easy way to make both yours, and also someone else's day (or week) better. I think I might give it a go. Is there anyone with me? Perhaps we could try this together and share our results. I think it would be a great way to really spread a bit more happiness around. You can't really have too much right?
Let me know if you are keen to get started, we will document and share our results. Either send me an email wolfers.jane@gmail.com or leave a comment on this page.
Let's start next Monday!
He looks so happy, let's spread the love!

On the subject of "resolutions" and changes, I thought I should report on some of the resolutions that I made a little while ago.

1. VB6 (Vegan before 6) diet. This started off well, but I've plateaued a bit. I got some great advice, from another blogger who said that the first three weeks are the hardest. Too true! Though I didn't find week 1 all that bad, week two was a little more difficult, and by week 3, I was over it. I got a bit derailed when I went to see a Natropath - a suggestion from a good friend in Shanghai - and he said that with the volume of running that I do (on average 100km-120km / week), veganism is probably not a good idea. He said that the primary reason is that it will be incredibly difficult for me to get enough protein from a very strict plant based diet. He recommended that I need to try to get about 80g of protein a day - usually women need around 50g. I must say, trying to eat this much protein is killing me, I feel constantly full and almost like of drowning in food (though I'm probably eating the same amount, just more protein.)
Having said this, I have not entirely revereted to my old ways. I've been a lot more mindful of my food choices, trying to get a lot more nutrients in every bite, and I've also been thinking a lot more about where my food is coming from, and how it is getting to my plate. So while it's not the progress I wanted exactly, at least it's some progress!
Interestingly, I've also found that I'm actually enjoying drinking black coffee, and now when I've had the occasional latte, it's too much to take. This change only took a few days. My body is feeling a lot better for cutting down, if not entirely cutting out, dairy. (Though I still need a splash of milk in my first coffee of the day.) And I'm finding I feel much healthier if I get most of my protein from plants, rather than animal products, though it's not exactly easy.

You might be interested in my last diet update.

Not much protein in this pyramid. Damn!

2. The no T.V. rule.
I promised I would not watch TV from Monday through Thursday. Hahaha I lasted at this one day! The second night, I was like, why I am doing this? I'm really tired and I want to watch a DVD. My will is weak.

3. More core (ripped abs.)
I've started at this, but I'm not pleased with my progress. I've done a few pilates, TRX classes here and there, but I've not been consistent.
However, it's only Tuesday - almost  the start of a new week! I'm going to try to fit it into my routine and work out a time when I won't be too tired to regularly get ripped.

4. Blog every day.
Not quite - I decided to have weekends off, and so far I've stuck to this. Apart from the fact that I really enjoy it, I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all. It is so rewarding. I love hearing your feedback and making connections with you all. I'm also absolutley loving hearing all the stories from the amazing Inspirational Women Who Run. I cannot tell you how inspired I am!!! Thank you so much for all those who are participating. I have a few great stories coming up for you soon.... here's a bit of a plug... this week we will meet Leigh who is a Mum and Comrades Marathoner (that's an 89km ultra-marathon, made even more difficult because it's either all up, or all down. Ouch!!!!!)  Can you imagine doing that??
Her story is a great one! And I can't wait to share it.

PS if you know anyone you think would fit the inspirational profile, (or are inspirational yourself! Don't be shy ladies) please share the love. I'd love to hear from you!!!

XX Jane

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