Monday 16 December 2013

Fubon Taipei Marathon Race Report

I kept it a little quieter than usual that yesterday I was running a marathon (i.e. I didn't broadcast it on the internet.)
Me and cheer squad member #1 - Taipei bound.
But yesterday I ran the Fubon Taipei Marathon in a time of 3.02.4?
It was a hard day out in shocking conditions and I was absolutely stoked to finish 10th overall!
However, though wonderful, getting my first ever money spot finish was not the very best part of the day.
There were several highlights that I will remember long after I've forgotten what time I ran.

I decided I did not need to stand in the front row on this start line. Let's just say one of these kids is not like the others!

Firstly, getting to run as an elite - I felt like a total impostor - but it was a great experience. Standing on the start line stacked with Africans, and then there was me. Just a little intimidating, but a pretty amazing experience! And getting hot coffee in the elite tent at the end of the race was also a nice touch.
I was more than a little starstruck! The Kipmovin elite team, Thomas (in the orange top) and me. 
I absolutely loved meeting some super cool Kenyans from the Kipmovin Elite team. I was both awestruck and humbled by all five team members grace, poise and determination. While their running was, of course, astounding, including a win in the 1/2 marathon and podium finishes in both the men and women in the full marathon, what was most impressive was how they carried themselves. Ever polite, considerate and just so kind. I was totally in awe.

It was also just fantastic running in the same race as some of my training buddies from Disco Bay - including James and Mark, but especially George with whom I've trained a couple of times a week for months - me for Berlin and now Taipei, and George for Osaka and also Taipei.
Chatting to JoeJoe while waiting to start. It helped calm me down a lot!
It was great being on the start line with my friend JoeJoe. It calmed my nerves a lot. JoeJoe is an such an amazing and experienced runner, and seeing her at the start certainly helped me relax and stay focused. Having her other half, Peter, out on the course, in the miserable rain, with 9km left to run, telling me "it's just Bowen Road to go!" (an 8km road we run on here in Hong Kong) gave me just the boost I needed! I swear I could have kissed him.
Coach of the year! He was there at the start of the race, and he caught me at the end too. This was lucky as there was no one from the race to catch me and otherwise I would have been lying on the ground in the rain. 
And of course, having my coach Thomas at the race was just so great. It made ALL the difference.
Pre-race: he is not nervous at all! He had no trouble sleeping either.

Post race; Henry was more than happy to help me out by eating my post meal. 
And last by not least, my ever loyal support crew. I'm not sure how I would do it without them. 

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