Friday, 20 December 2013

Back in the 'Dam

What was I thinking with that outfit? You can tell I'd been living in China for too long.
Readers, Lachlan. Henry and I have arrived for a very cold Christmas in one of our favourite cities in the world - Amsterdam.
I mean, why would you sit on a beach in Thailand for Christmas if instead you can spend 17 hours flying, lose (yet another) baby stroller, and hang out in FREEZING cold Northern European style winters?
Three words: Dutch Apple Cake.
Love this place!
In the past, we've only ever been on Lachlan's work trips, so this time it should be a little more fun. Lachlan will never live it down that on our first trip out of China when we were living in Shanghai, I travelled with an 8 week old baby on my own in economy, while he travelled business class. Let's just say, that was the first and last time that ever happened!

It's such great timing as I'm on a little running hiatus. That means no treadmills and no running around in the dark and cold. Yippee! Instead it's all about the apple cake and Christmas Markets.

Here are some photos from our first trip here. Henry was so little! I can't believe I came with an 8 week old baby! No wonder he is such a good traveller.
Just a quick brag; despite doing a daytime flight yesterday, Henry was a little star. He didn't whinge, he watched a bit of TV, sat relatively still and played with his toy planes. He barely slept the entire time but was still so well behaved. Hurrah! We were helped a bit because of how much he loves planes. When we took off, he was so excited that he laughed us all the way "up, up in the sky!"

Henry was so small. I looked so tired.
I remember being so worried about not knowing how to keep him warm.
The second time we came, I was so "organised" that I bought a can-opener to make Henry meals, yet I forgot to bring him a single pair of shoes. It was 3 degrees when we landed!
Baby Henry enjoying the sunshine - a stark contrast to Shanghai!
I just love the slogan on this shop. This would never happen to me.
Apple cake.... as soon as the cafes open this morning, I'm going to be ALL OVER IT.
PS The Inspirational Women Who Run series will be back after Christmas. I've got more amazing ladies for you to be inspired by, so don't forget to check back then!
Plus, for our Hong Kong folk, I've got some exclusive interviews with a team from MoonTrekker, and other great trail running features. It almost inspires me to hit the trails and get involved. Crazy people!

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