Tuesday 22 April 2014

Look hot, run fast

So, I'm getting a bit of a reputation for the very bright and crazy running tights I've been wearing down to the track. But if I'm going to be famous for something there are worse things (I think!) I spend so much of my time in running gear, I figure it's better to spend my money on that than other stuff. (Well, ok, let's be honest, I still spend my money on other stuff, but it's worth spending money on funky running gear too).

I thought I'd share some of my favourite, most out-there, but also functional, running tights. What I like about this stuff is that they both look cute, and don't fall down when you run. Both very important considerations. I promise if you wear this kind of stuff, you will both improve your times and impress the boys. (Haha).

Teeki - uniccorn hot pant
My good friend Rachel got me into these. They have pictures of unicorns on them. Totally rad! I'm usually adamant that "tights are not pants" but these are so cool that you could actually get away with it I think! I got tonnes of compliments wearing these.

OMFG I love these tights and sportsbra. When I was in Sydney last I bought the matching set. I had to. They look awesome. They make me run fast. Running Bare is an Australian company that does some of the funkiest stuff around. I want everything they make. And they ship. 

These are such a bargain. In addition to very cool crop tights, Cotton On also have the best hot pants around and they are only around $AU10 / $HK70! Get in there and get some now. Love!

I'm so into hot pants for running right now. On the one hand they are practical - Hong Kong is so hot and sweaty that regular running shorts just stick to you. On the other hand, hot pants also look cute. I find that if I wear something just a little skimpier for races or hard track workouts then I run faster. I'm not sure how sound my theory is but I'm sticking to it.

They are pink! I want them. The great thing Nike stuff right now is all the pretty matching sports bra to go with the pants. So many patterns, so many colours. I want!

I promise, get yourself some funky gear, and you will just fly on the track. Totally worth the investment. 

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